Launch Your WordPress in Google Cloud Hosting at Zero “0” Cost

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Are your Startup or Small Business owner Using WordPress CMS for Your Business? Are you struggling to find the best hosting solution to launch your Startup?

In the Next 15 Minutes, I will help launch your WordPress website in Google Cloud Hosting, Worlds Fastest Servers with Zero Cost.

Why is Google Cloud Hosting required ?

Today Website Loading Speed is Important! –

As a Startup who has a limited budget looking for Blazing fast loading speed for your Website, you can opt for this solution from GCP. As per a survey With Top Industry Tech Providers, they prefer Google Cloud Hosting Solution for their Hosting solutions.

What is the GCP?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is offered by Search Engine Giant Itself -Google.

Google Offers Google Cloud Hosting services for clients from the same infrastructure that Google uses for its products such as Gdrive, Youtube, Gmail, and Google related Services and Solutions.

What is Google Cloud Web Hosting

Google Cloud Hosting is a range of services and infrastructure offered by google cloud platform to end-users to launch their website Applications at blazing Speed & More

Why You need Google Cloud Web hosting ?

Google Cloud is one of the fastest blazing servers in the world. It has an uptime of 99.95% and No downtime. It has a range of servers worldwide, which helps website owners, startups reach their customers with low latency rate.

Google offers two products, one is always Free Plan, and the other one is One Year Free Plan with $300 Free Credit to launch your Website. Google will not charge anything for one full year.

Google Cloud Hosting Free
Google Cloud Hosting for Startups

Requirements for Launching Your Website in Google Cloud Hosting – GCP

  • Google Account and Credit Card to Verify your Account . If you don’t have credit card please ping me your email id , I will provide solution to launch without credit card.

Note : Google Will Not Auto charge after one Year – So Rest Assured


On Logging in With your Google Login Credentials – you will able to redirected to the Project Creation Page – Name your Project with a Unique Name by clicking – Create NEW PROJECT

Google Cloud Hosting

hosting website on google cloud

Search for WordPress Bitnami in the Top Search Bar

google host wordpress

Click for Launch Button to Create your WordPress Installation in Virtual Machine Google Cloud WordPress Launch


On Clicking Launch Button – It Asks for Certain Details for Deploying

  • Deployment Name : Name of your Deployment – Name of your Choice
  • Zone – 24 Locations of Zone to Select from .

Try to select the Zone which is nearer to your target customers so latency will be less and loading time will be very Faster.

Google Cloud Data Centers

  • OREGON (us-west1)
  • LOS ANGELES (us-west2)
  • SALT LAKE CITY (us-west3)
  • LAS VEGAS (us-west4)
  • IOWA (us-central1)
  • SOUTH CAROLINA (us-east1)
  • N. VIRGINIA(us-east4)
  • MONTRÉAL (northamerica-northeast1)
  • SÃO PAULO(southamerica-east1)
  • LONDON(europe-west2)
  • BELGIUM(europe-west1)
  • NETHERLANDS(europe-west4)
  • ZURICH(europe-west6)
  • FRANKFURT(europe-west3)
  • FINLAND(europe-north1)
  • MUMBAI(asia-south1)
  • SINGAPORE(asia-southeast1)
  • JAKARTA(asia-southeast2)
  • HONG KONG(asia-east2)
  • TAIWAN(asia-east1)
  • TOKYO(asia-northeast1)
  • OSAKA(asia-northeast2)
  • SYDNEY(australia-southeast1)
  • SEOUL(asia-northeast3)

Now we have installed WordPress in our Virtual Machine – Now Our Next step is to Deploy Our New WordPress Installation

Configure our Server

We have given choice from Google Cloud Hosting for selection of Servers | Hard disk & Zone – From Micro to Macro

how to host wordpress website on google cloud

After selecting the Choices Click Deploy

Google Cloud Hosting Deploy

After Deployment it Will Show the Admin Credentials for Login

Google Cloud WordPress Deployment

Hurray You WordPress is Installed Successfully in Google Cloud Hosting

You Can Login to Your WordPress Using Admin Username and Credentials Provided.

If you are not a technical geek and don’t want to bring your head into this technical. You can always opt for managed google cloud hosting companies like Cloudways , hostgator . Where they will take care of all these technical stuff and you start launching your website without any issue.



There are lot of benefits in Deploying your WordPress site in Google Cloud Hosting  . You can save the Cost With Ultimate Performance. When you compare GCP with Other Service providers you can really feel the difference,. Today as we know 90% of Search is dominated by Google , Google Will not degrade the ranking when we use their services.

If you have any difficulty in deploying your WordPress website in google cloud platform you are free to comment below , I will provide you with solutions .

We love to hear your comments and any queries we are happy to help you

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