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work life balance
Joseph D A

Joseph D A

Personality Development Coach

Work Life Balance

The Covid-19 pandemic was an unprecedented disaster. It didn’t only kill people and cause immeasurable pain to families that lost their loved ones; it also crumbled the economies of many nations. However, it taught many people vital lessons. One of those lessons will be discussed in full detail in this section.

What is Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance refers to the state of equilibrium where an individual makes the best out of both his or her career and personal life. In other words, it is an arrangement that enables you to move up the ladder of your career without sacrificing your personal relationships. This structure is fast becoming the new norm because of its numerous benefits.

The pandemic made many people realized what they have been missing for so long: work-life balance. Many companies were forced to ask their workers to work from home. It occurred to many people that they will prefer to continue with that arrangement. The chance to work from home is increasingly a preferred option for millennials because it offers work-life balance.

According to a survey by Accel and Qualtrics, 66%percent of millennials are willing to take a pay-cut to work remotely. This shows that many employees are frustrated with their struggles with work-life balance in a traditional team. Working from home enables you to execute projects without having to work from a designated desk. So, it is not surprising that many companies are working with a remote workforce. This approach enables them to get the best out of their employees.

Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Many people only get to do the things they like to do after their retirement. However, some people are getting the best out of life while working because they have a work-life balance. Below are some of the benefits of this lifestyle.

Less Stress

According to a Stanford professor, Jeffrey Pfeffer, workplace stress is killing Americans. In fact, it is rated as the 5th biggest cause of death in the US. Work stress refers to the result of conditions like high job demands, little autonomy on the job, and long hours of working. It damages productivity and morale.

However, it has been discovered to also have a drastic impact on wellbeing. Also, a quarter of Americans believe that their jobs are their main source of stress. Work-life balance helps to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Clear Boundaries

One of the reasons people struggle to have a balance between their career and personal life is due to the lack of clear boundaries between the two. Many people bring their jobs to the house and take their personal life to their workplaces. In other words, many people are guilty of straining their personal relationships by bringing in the pressure they are facing in their office. Also, they talk to their colleagues at work about their families, thereby bothering them with things that ought to stay at home. Work-life balance helps to create boundaries that will help you to have the best of the two worlds.

Improved Mental Health

When you feel that you have no choice but to work yourself out until you are mentally exhausted daily, it will eventually affect your mental health. You feel like a slave that has to do everything possible to make ends meet. Without work-life balance, you are susceptible to negative emotions. You will lack the resources to handle them because you are emotionally overwhelmed.

Enhance Physical Health

Work-life balance doesn’t only improve your mental health; it also enhances your physical health. When you have the necessary equilibrium in your career and personal life, you will be more relaxed and create time for more productive activities. You will be able to cook your meal, thereby eating healthily. You will also be able to have healthy sleeping habits and create more time for exercise. The product of these beneficial habits is sound physical health.

Boost Mindfulness

Working too much will strain your personal relationships. If you are married with kids, your spouse and children will feel that your job matters more to you than them. You will hardly have time to see your kids represent their schools or do any other thing that matters to them. The absence of a work- life balance is one of the reasons some marriages that started well broke down and eventually deteriorated into divorces.

Your spouse wants your attention, and he or she may not be able to cope when he or she is not getting it. When you are working moderately, you’ll be able to be more present in the moment. You will be able to sit with your loved ones and enjoy their company without interference.

How to Slow Down in the Modern World

It’s not good enough to understand the benefits of work-life balance; you should know how to incorporate it. Below are some tips that will help you in this regard.

Discard Perfectionism

The tendency for perfectionism is usually developed at a young age for many overachievers. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to have high performance because the demands on their time are still limited. Sadly, many carry this mindset into adulthood. Their desire to fulfill their potential leads them to an overdrive such that they are willing to neglect other aspects of their lives to climb the ladder of career success. They have been A-grade students, and now, they want to be A-grade workers. This desperation will not let you have a balanced career and personal life.

Reduce the Use of your Digital Devices

It is easier for people to bring their jobs home or take them wherever they go today, thanks to the advent of technology. It’s a great advantage because it allows companies to offer more flexibility to their employees. Nonetheless, the problem is that some people don’t know how to draw the boundaries because they have access to their workplace right from home. Some are fond of working on their laptops when their spouse and kids are seeking their attention. Have a principle of closing your laptop and keeping your phone away when speaking to your loved ones.

Regular Exercise

Many books and articles have been written about the numerous benefits of regular exercise. Virtually everyone knows its importance. Still, many people have a culture of eliminating it when they are busy. Exercise puts you in a meditative state that brings calmness to your body, according to the Mayo Clinic. No matter how busy you are, you still find time to eat because it is important. You should also treat exercise that way.

Get your Priorities Right

Make a list of the most important things to you in the order of their importance. This list cannot be the same for everyone. Nonetheless, your family, health, and job should be closer to the top. You need this list to recognize some other activities you devote your time to that are time- wasting. The reason some people struggle to have a work-life balance is that they spend excessive time on social media. Identify those activities that waste your time and limit them or eliminate them to create more time for your family and job.

Delegate More

Delegating doesn’t only benefit you; it also gives room for others to grow and become more competent. As a career woman, you might need to sit down with your husband and discuss little areas where he can be of help at home to reduce the stress of fixing dinner for the home. Many men will gladly help out if you present the idea to them with the right approach. You can also engage your kids as they grow older.

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